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10 Steps to Cold & Flu Prevention

How to Verify Acupuncture Benefits with Your Health Insurance Company


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Women's Health

A way of eating that will increase your fertility six-fold; The Acubalance diet



National Institute for Health's Meta-Analysis Study on Acupuncture & Chronic Pain

Pub Med Research Article: Acupuncture treatment of lower back pain

Pub Med Research Article: Acupuncture & Osteoarthritis in the Knee

What does the National Institute for Health say about acupuncture & pain?

Wondering how effective acupuncture is for a particular condition? See what the World Health Organization has to say.



Did the herbs cause that?

Herb-Drug Interactions-What we know

Organic Herb Cultivation in China?

On taking herbs while breastfeeding

Possible Herb-Drug Interactions


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